Relationships / Couples / Marriage

Couples Counseling: Couples seek help with a variety of situations and issues. Dr. Lawrence has worked with couples who want to secure the health of their relationship before getting married, couples who have the same arguments over and over without finding resolution, couples who are dealing with the pain of infidelity, couples who are affected by addictive or compulsive behaviors, and couples who have lost their connectedness or their ability to communicate. Dr. Lawrence’s approach to couples counseling includes looking at each individual’s needs and habitual patterns of behavior, discussing the responsibilities and rewards of intimate relationships, and teaching intimacy skills.

Couples Assessment: This may be incorporated into couples counseling. It involves both members of a couple completing one or more tests. Dr. Lawrence then reviews the results with the couple to help them better understand their similarities and differences, and help to explain why they relate the way they do.

Couples workshops: Workshops are primarily educational in nature. Couples workshops involve learning about individual needs and how these are related to issues of attachment and intimacy. Additionally, couples workshops teach particular skills for communicating and interacting with respect, as well as for problem solving within the relationship. In early spring of 2006, Dr. Lawrence and her husband will be offering several PAIRS workshops. PAIRS ( is a national program for teaching relationship and intimacy skills. Developed and refined for over 30 years, PAIRS programs have been proven to improve adjustment and satisfaction within relationships, with reduced conflict and unhappiness. PAIRS workshops are normally offered in one or two-day formats.

Career assessment, exploration and development

Career testing: Dr. Lawrence offers a wide range of tests to help people discover their skills and interests and to identify career paths that fit with who they are. Tests that Dr. Lawrence uses include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the California Personality Inventory, the 16PF, the Work Personality Index, the Career Assessment Inventory – Enhanced, and the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey. The cost of testing is based on what type of analysis and report you want, as well as the number of instruments you choose to take. All tests are administered online, and so may be completed at home. Dr. Lawrence then prepares a written report, reviews the test results with you, and provides feedback.

Career counseling: Career counseling involves career testing, and then more extensive work with Dr. Lawrence to develop options for your future, create a concrete plan, and then receive coaching as you pursue the steps of your plan. Career counseling may involve only a few sessions, or can continue for as long as you choose to experiment and explore, depending upon your preferences.

Career Exploration Workshops: These workshops involve weekly 90-minute sessions for a period of six weeks. They include career testing and career counseling, as well as group support throughout the process. Career Exploration Workshops are scheduled whenever a group of six people have expressed interest. Please call (414) 431-3344 to find out current pricing or to be placed on a waiting list if you are interested.